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How to protect yourself against Russian dating scam

'Russian dating scam' is an exciting subject of online publications that doesn’t end. Are Russian dating real or Scam? Russian dating is real! Unfortunately, some people are always ready to drain the pockets of men who are overly eager to embark on the journey of romantic adventures. Statistic obtained shows that about 0.1% of all applicants that submits their data to the Russian dating services are scammers that are eager to swindle people of their hard earned money.

Who are those behind Russian dating scam?

These are few people that earn money through dubious means on the internet (they may not even be women). They see relationships as a means of making quick money thereby treating it as a business enterprise. They do these by sending emails to all available singles on the dating service that they chose. Exactly like email spamming, they are always looking for their victims following some certain rules that are associated with the game they play.

Russian dating scam

How can you detect a Russian dating scam?

Firstly, the mails someone receives are not specific. They are generalized mails, not replying to the exact needs of the given man. In most cases the pertinent questions about individual life are usually evaded, they just send some ready pieces of information to their victims.

Scammers follow instincts; they respond swiftly to whatever their victim wants to see and hear: they make use of a beautiful model with quality appearance (usually false), sexy photos etc. Just after a few letters, they start mentioning ‘special love’ until you meet them face to face, any claims of love that emanated from them should be suspected.

Most of the Russian dating scams involve money. The purported Russian lady usually solicits for financial support. They do this by telling you that they are in a terrible financial situation- telling you to help them with telephone and Internet expenses etc. Scammers are always money-grubbing; they always find a way to look for sympathy from their victims. (It is their profession!).

How can you protect yourself from being ripped off?

On no occasion should you send money to people that you don’t really know. Most of the scams involve telling the man to send money for travel to meet the man in his country. Take these common sense precautions: get her a ticket and send it to her in place of money, if you are keen on letting her paying you a visit. Ensure that you keep your wallet in your pocket, this way you won’t be getting scammed easily.

sex dating russian

Ask for personal information from the girl; information like phone number, mailing address, etc. and closely watch her response. Does she request for gifts too? That’s awesome! Get an agency that delivers gifts and flowers with photo validation. Scammers detest this; they love to maintain anonymity. Following this method, you will verify not only her appearance but also her phone number as well as her address.

Remember that Most Russian women want to find love and build a family. When you find a suitable Russian woman, the rewards you get outweigh the risks. Follow these simple recommended precautions and you will be guarded against Russian dating scam.

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